Everything you need to know about Whole Life Insurance

Complete coverage from the moment you buy the policy until the moment your life ends, with cash value growth during your lifetime.

What is Whole Life Insurance?

Whole life insurance, also known as permanent life insurance, provides coverage for your entire life. The policy will remain active until you die, as long as you keep paying the monthly premiums.

When you pass away, the insurance company will pay out a predetermined amount to your beneficiaries. They can claim the policy benefit to cover funeral costs, pay off any loans or take care of general living expenses.

Whole life insurance policies also include a savings component that grows at a guaranteed rate, building cash value that you can access and use for certain purposes.

Who Should Get Whole Life Insurance?

Almost anyone can benefit from buying a whole life insurance policy, but parents and spouses will see the biggest gains.

Life insurance is designed to protect those you would leave behind if you passed away. If losing your income would create a financial hole, then buying whole life insurance ensures that your family would remain financially stable.

Why do you need life insurance?

Replace lost income

You will not leave your dependents financially helpless if they rely on your income, with adequate life insurance coverage.


Funeral expenses

Burial costs are expensive. With life insurance, in the case of your passing, your beneficiaries do not have to personally cover this financial burden.

Pay off debt

Debt does not disappear, whether you are alive or not. In most cases, your debt (mortgages or other loans) may fall on your spouse or other family members as they become responsible for repayment.



Business coverage

As a business owner and partner, life insurance ensures one partner is not left with heavy financial burdens if the other dies.

College planning

Insurance proceeds can be a good supplement for your kids’ savings towards college.

Inheritance taxes

To avoid having your family getting hit with a big estate and inheritance tax bill when you pass away, make sure to be covered with life insurance to cover these added costs.

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