Life Insurance for Runners

You can get better life insurance rates as a runner and while maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle. Keep going the distance!

Did you know?

Being active reduces the risk of major physical and emotional illnesses. Insurers favor individuals who are active and exercise, expecting a longer life expectancy. Running also helps with the following:


  • Life insurance companies look at height and weight as key factors when determining coverage eligibility. Running provides great weight control.
  • Studies have linked that running can reduce your risk of death from a heart attack and stroke, making this activity favorable to insurers.
  • Running and regular exercise can reduce your blood sugar and help increase HDL cholesterol levels, lowering the risk of heart conditions and diabetes.

Why do you need life insurance?


Protect your loved ones

Financially protect your loved ones if something was to happen to you. Don’t burden them with funeral expenses, your debt, or even future college tuition.

Taking care of your business

When covered by life insurance, your business, associates, and personal partners will not be left with financial burdens if you die.

Pay off debt

Debt does not disappear, whether you are alive or not. In most cases, your debt (mortgages or other loans) may fall on your spouse or other family members as they become responsible for repayment.

Inheritance taxes coverage

To avoid having your family getting hit with a big estate and inheritance tax bill when you pass away, make sure to be covered to cover these added costs.

Protecting those you love is easy

When you take care of your life, it is easy to protect your loved ones

Step 1

Answer a few simple
questions about you and
your lifestyle

Step 2

Check your Quality of Life Index
to unlock great rates
and personalized advice

Step 3

Simply select the right
insurance plan and apply