What is Guaranteed Life Insurance?

Guaranteed Life Insurance is life insurance coverage that you are assured to qualify for.

Medical exams, completing health or financial questionnaires, or disclosing medical records are not necessary to qualify for a Guaranteed Life Insurance policy. Approval is guaranteed upon application.

Guaranteed Life Insurance provides coverage for the ailing who otherwise wouldn’t qualify.

How does Guaranteed Life Insurance work?

You are indeed guaranteed life insurance if you are within the allowed age range during the time of application.
Since acceptance is guaranteed, there is a graded (waiting) period, if the insurer passes away during this time from natural causes, a return of the insurance premium plus 10% interest is repaid. Once the graded period concludes, the full death benefit is available. Accidental death is covered from day one.

The protection you need now

For yoursef

For your family


coverage for you

Peace of mind

In a world of uncertainty, protecting yourself and your family, whatever the circumstances may be, has become a vital part of our well-being. The certainty of Guaranteed Life Insurance allows you more peace of mind as you navigate your day-to-day as well as future plans.
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No health qualifications

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No medical exam

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No financial questionnaire

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Shorter approval process

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Online process

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No need for face to face interaction

Who is Guaranteed Life Insurance for

Guaranteed Life Insurance is usually designed for people with severe health circumstances or backgrounds who want to provide money for final expenses and to ensure that their family will not have to worry about how to cover funeral expenses and the like.

It may be an option for people with the following conditions:

  • Suffering from cancer
  • A terminal illness with short life expectancy
  • Suffering from Alzheimer’s or dementia
  • In a nursing home or hospice
  • On dialysis
  • In need of an organ transplant

You are on your way to guaranteed protection, security, and peace of mind.