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Our goals are for you to achieve yours. Sproutt’s online life insurance coverage is created for you based on your health, your nutrition, your workout routines, and even your mental well being. The better these are the more likely we’ll be able to provide you with a plan you’ll cherish.

Here, within Sproutt’s life insurance blog, among our life insurance blog topics you can find tips, information, research, expert insight and company updates of what you can do to pave a path for the lifestyle you seek and how Sproutt is working to make it happen.

The Connection Between Your Health and Your Connection to Your Kids

It's no secret that when you feel good, everyone around you benefits. On the flip side, when you don't feel that great, those around you reap the results as well. If you have kids, you know just how much your good or bad mood can influence them and the entire household atmosphere. Which is why it is essential for parents to take good care of themselves.Read more

Practicing Yoga at Home | Online Classes with Sharron Lynn

The bottom line - we all want to be physically fit and mentally healthy. This may sound simple but in order to achieve these goals we have to be continually aware and in tune with ourselves, our body, and our feelings.Read more

Everything You Need to Know About No Exam Life Insurance

You may have heard about no exam life insurance in your quest to find out which type of policy is right for you. While its definition is self-explanatory — life insurance that you can get without the need for a medical exam — there are a lot of other details that may not be clear.Read more

Partnership with Homeis

We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Homeis, a community-building app dedicated to helping expats come together even when they're not in their native countries.Read more

Spring Cleaning | Home Design Tips to Relieve Stress

When it comes to cleaning, there are two schools of thought — either you love it or you hate it. If you love it, when the time for spring cleaning comes around, you are most probably armed and ready with a decluttering method a la Marie Kondo or a methodical list of which rooms need to be cleaned, what needs to be sorted through and what needs to be reorganized.Read more

Celebrating Mother's Day

In 1914, President Woodrow Wilson signed a bill recognizing Mother's Day as a national holiday. Since then, it has become one of the most beloved days in the United States, a day when Americans have the opportunity to stop and recognize the women who brought them into the world.Read more

The Importance of a Routine for Yourself and Your Family

Routine is often thought of as a negative thing. You may have heard people say, or have said yourself, "Oh, just the same old routine," or "I'm so bored with my regular routine!" And sure, one of the main drawbacks of a routine is that it gets old and boring quickly. However, while routines can be boring, in many cases it is our routines that keep us grounded, sane and safe.Read more

Insurance Coverage During COVID-19 Outbreak

Do you need life insurance if you have a will? Can you get life insurance if you are unemployed? Does the stock market influence your life insurance? Get the answers to the most commonly asked insurance questions during the Coronavirus outbreak.Read more

Promoting the Concepts of Life Insurance in the Digital Age

As highlighted in our previous post 'Why Do I Need Life Insurance?' , life insurance can be used as a way to reduce the potential financial burdens that loved ones could face if the policyholder were to pass away. However, many people are still unaware of or are unwilling to invest in life insurance.Read more

Working Out at Home Without Breaking the Bank

Staying healthy and fit is one of the biggest and best gifts we can give to ourselves. Yet, despite the numerous short-term and long-term benefits of working out, it's not always easy to shell out the money necessary to make that happen.Read more

5 Tips to Reduce Stress at Home

There are plenty of reasons to be stressed these days, but being at home doesn't need to be one of them. Home is supposed to be the place you go to relax, unwind and feel good about yourself. It's supposed to be your sanctuary.Read more

Best Meditation Apps to Help You Fall Asleep

Meditation is an age-old practice that originated in the Far East and only came to the Western world in the 1700s. Slowly, it gained footing as more and more people understood the inherent benefits of it.Read more

3 Crucial Hygiene Practices to Implement During the Coronavirus Outbreak

The entire world is talking about the Coronavirus, and for good reason. This unprecedented outbreak has the potential to affect mankind the way no other disease has before.Read more

2020 Food Trends

2020 has arrived, which means you may have already encountered some of the year's surprisingly healthy food trends, like low-alcohol beverages, blended meat and the continuing cauliflower craze. If you haven't yet, there's still plenty of time. Don't be afraid to try something new! 2020 is the year to take an active approach to staying healthy while enjoying all different types of interesting and exotic cuisine.Read more

Enabling Good Sleep Habits

We've previously discussed the many benefits of getting a good night's sleep, and if you're like most people, you would like to enjoy these benefits! The thing is, actually turning off the lights and setting your phone down is a lot easier said than done.Read more

Getting Rid of Bad Habits

No one's perfect, believe it or not, and every person has at least one bad habit that they'd like to kick. The problem is that bad habits, are well, habits, which means that they are behavior patterns that are very difficult to break.Read more

How Artificial Intelligence Can Help You Live Better

Artificial intelligence, or AI, used to be a thing of science fiction movies, but today, it's here and it's involved in our everyday lives. AI is so pervasive that we don't even notice it working in the background — and yet, if it wasn't there, our lives wouldn't run as seamlessly.Read more

Advisor Magazine: Unlocking Data To 'Flip The Script' On Risk Measurement, Underwriting

Historically, the insurance industry has focused on detecting "negative" customer attributes. However, these days progressive insurance companies are flipping the script to reward positive attributes such as driving less or safer, and living a healthy life.Read more

Best Health Habits for Your Kids

We love our kids and our top priority is keeping them safe and healthy. We pass on to them our genes but also our habits. They pick up on our behavior and oftentimes imitate us, for better or for worse.Read more

Health Benefits of a Good Night's Sleep

We all know how important it is to get a good night's sleep, and yet people are chronically sleep-deprived due to the many pressures and responsibilities of modern life.Read more

2020 Fitness and Health Trends

The fitness industry is looking fun, healthy and very exciting in 2020. From new classes, through focus on nutrition, to being tech-driven, the future is happening now.Read more

The Surprising Benefits of Being a Dog Owner

Dogs are the most popular pet in America, and for good reason. Not only are dogs adorable, cute and fun to play with, but owning a dog can have a direct effect on the quality of your life.Read more

The 150 Most Important Minutes in Your Week

Exercise. We all know it's important, and yet we struggle to find the time in our busy schedules to do it. Between work, family, social lives and perhaps a little bit of sleep in between, it's hard to see just where exercise fits in.Read more

How You Can Stay Active Without Leaving the House

Recent scientific studies have shown that you don't need to exercise for 30 to 60 minutes in order to stay fit. Continuous movement for as little as 10 minutes can have a significant impact on your health.Read more

In$urance CIO Outlook: Sproutt Bags $12M to Offer the Best Insurance Policy by Leveraging AI

Sproutt is a life insurance company that uses data and AI to paint a more complete picture of the lifestyle people live, so that we can reward those who live healthy with the right life insurance, similar to any other insurance product, whether it's taking better care of your home or driving safely.Read more

NoCamels: Israeli-Founded Insurance Tech Startup Sproutt Raises $12M For Its AI-Powered Platform

Founded in 2018 as Aktibo, Sproutt has developed a platform that uses artificial intelligence to discern a person's life potential through a "Quality of Life Index" (QL Index) and match them with the best life insurance providers and policies.Read more

3 Tips to Improve Your Work-Life Balance

For many people it feels like finding the proper work-life balance becomes harder with age. Most of us are busy juggling multiple responsibilities with our family, careers, friends and other social responsibilities. Knowing that others are also struggling doesn't really make your juggling act any easier, but there is some comfort in knowing that you're not alone.Read more

Crowdfund Insider: Life Insurance Provider Sproutt Launches Services

Sproutt intends to "look after the lives of those who look after theirs." The company uses its "Quality of Life Index" (QL Index) which reveals that it has never been so easy to merge data analytics and "human-aligned health insights," and then use artificial intelligence (AI) to determine an individual's life potential, in order to match them up with the appropriate life insurance package.Read more

Putting a Price on a Good Night of Sleep

There's no better feeling than waking up in the morning feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the day. Unfortunately, the reality for millions of Americans is that they do not get enough sleep and they wake up feeling tired, cranky and foggy until their morning cup of joe.Read more

Think Advisor: Life Quality Tracker Firm Raises $12 Million

Sproutt has developed a Quality of Life Index that summarizes how much people move, how much they sleep, what they eat, what their emotional health is like, and what kind of work-life balance they have.Read more

Coverager: Sproutt Insurance is live

Established in 2018 and led by Yoav Shaham and Assaf Henkin, the Hartford-based startup is a life insurance aggregator offering consumers the ability to shop for life insurance from several insurers including Securian Financial Group, American General Life Insurance Company, Nationwide Life and Annuity Insurance Co, and Symetra Life Insurance Company.Read more

Cheddar Shakers EXCLUSIVE: Life Insurance Startup Sproutt Launches with $12 Million in Funding

A.I.-driven life insurance company Sproutt is launching with $12 million in Series A funding. The service uses a Quality of Life assessment and is backed by Guardian Life, one of the largest insurance companies in the U.S. Yoav Shaham, co-founder and CEO of Sproutt, joined Cheddar to discuss.Read more

Calcalist Tech: insurtech Startup Sproutt Raises $12 Million

Sproutt develops an online service that offers tailored life insurance rates for "healthier" individuals by taking into consideration factors including a person's lifestyle, health, activities, and diet.Read more

PR Newswire: Sproutt Launches; Uses Data and AI to Finally Reward Life Insurance Customers Who Live Healthy

Sproutt secures $12 million in series A funding; ushers in a new generation of life insurance that paints a more complete picture of your health and celebrate life.Read more

Globes: Israeli co Sproutt Insurance raises $12m

Sproutt uses data and AI to offer better life insurance terms to customers who lead healthier lives.Read more

Venturebeat: Sproutt raises $12 million to find your best life insurance policy with AI

A New York- and Hartford, Connecticut-based startup launches a novel service that rewards policyholders for making smart lifestyle choices. Dubbed Sproutt Insurance, it's the brainchild of insurance tech company Akitbo CEO Yoav Shaham, who nearly two years ago set out to blend analytics and health insights with AI to match people with life insurance providers.Read more

This Christmas Give the Gift of Life Insurance

Are you in the market for a Christmas gift that is thoughtful, considerate and practical?Read more

A Short Walk Can Go a Long Way

There is nothing quite like the magic of a short walk. It can clear your mind and help you relax after all the chaos of a hectic day. In addition to relaxing your mind, taking a short walk can also improve your health significantly. In other words, it's win-win.Read more

5 Pillars for a Healthier & Happier Life

There has never been a time when we were more aware of our personal health and happiness. It seems that every other day a new study comes out about how to lead a more healthy, vibrant and meaningful life. With so much information at our fingertips, our problem isn't that we don't know what to do, but that we're too overwhelmed to do anything.Read more

Can Good Credit Lead to a Better Deal on Life Insurance?

Are you looking to get the best possible rate on your Life Insurance policy? If so, you should check your finances and aim to have a strong credit score. It's important to understand the different factors that affect your monthly premiums and what you can do to get the best value possible.Read more

Should a Big Raise Also Lead to More Life Insurance?

Congratulations, you got a big raise! After you are done celebrating you should sit down and think about what you'll do with all that extra income. In addition to going on a nice shopping spree, this is also the ideal time to increase your life insurance coverage.Read more

Kenyan Runner Completes Marathon in Less Than Two Hours

In early October Eliud Kipchoge of Kenya made headlines by becoming the first athlete in the world to run a marathon in less than 2 hours. The marathon was the INEOS 1:59 Challenge, set up specifically for the purpose of breaking the 2-hour record.Read more

The Importance of an Emergency Fund for Young Parents

As the parents of young children, you know how the unexpected can suddenly occur. If you don't have an emergency fund, you may be left scrambling to find the funds to take care of an unforeseen event. This can lead to untold stress, pressure and even needing to take out a high-interest loan.Read more

Get Your Gym Membership to Pay for Itself

If you've had your eye on that gym membership for a while but have been holding off because of the cost, here's something to consider. Achieving certain fitness goals can lower your life insurance premiums significantly. It is even possible that your extra savings will cover your gym membership.Read more

4 Tips for Saving Money with Toddlers

When you have toddlers, it often feels as if the expenses are endless. Clothes, childcare, babysitters, toys, games, and more — the list goes on and on! However, just because you have a lot of expenses doesn't mean you need to go broke.Read more

Exercises to Help You Save on Life Insurance

When filling out a life insurance application, you'll be asked to provide information about the state of your health. The general rule is that the healthier you are, the lower your premiums will be. Of course, there are many aspects of health, and while we can't control preexisting medical conditions or our family medical history, we can control how much we exercise.Read more

Protecting Your Family Can Be Easy: Life Insurance Awareness Month

If you think that life insurance is an unnecessary expense, think again. While it may be frustrating to add yet another bill to your list of monthly expenses, it would be even more frustrating — devastating, in fact — if something happened to you and your loved ones were left without a safety net.Read more

How Much Can You Save on Life Insurance If You Quit Smoking?

One of the first questions you'll be asked when filling out a life insurance application is whether you smoke, and if so, how often. Smoking, chewing tobacco and using nicotine products raise red flags for insurance companies because they come with a variety of health risks. Whenever there's a health risk, insurance companies raise their rates.Read more

How Does Your BMI Affect Your Life Insurance Cost

There can be a connection between bmi and life insurance. When applying for life insurance, you'll definitely be asked about your height and weight. This isn't just so insurance carriers can get an idea of what you look like. It's so they can determine your Body Mass Index (BMI).Read more

Which Medical Issues Affect Your Life Insurance Premiums

When applying for life insurance, you will surely be asked several questions about your health and your family's health history. This is because life insurance underwriters determine your monthly premiums based on your health and genetic tendencies.Read more

The Cost of Raising a Baby

Every prospective parent has heard it a million times — babies are expensive. But just how expensive can a little bundle of joy be? The cost of raising a baby requires one to consider a lot of factors, almost all of them will be quite expensive.Read more

3 Questions Parents Need to Ask Before Buying Life Insurance

Raising a child is one of the most rewarding things an individual can do in life, however, it is also one of the most expensive. If you died tomorrow, would your spouse have the means to provide for your family's long-term financial future?Read more

How Much Life Insurance Do You Need?

If you have a young family, it makes sense to buy coverage that is worth at least 10 times your gross annual income. Term insurance is often the best choice for young families on a tight budget because the policy allows one to purchase the most coverage at the lowest initial premium.Read more

What Homebuyers with a Mortgage Need to Know About Life Insurance

Life insurance is regularly purchased to make sure loved ones will be financially cared for in the event of an unexpected passing. It also can be used to protect expensive assets, especially if those assets would become a financial burden to loved ones or would have to be liquidated in order to pay off outstanding debts.Read more

Four Life Insurance Myths for the Young Family

For young couples just getting started, the future can seem boundless. Yet, with new commitments, such as buying your first home or having children, comes the responsibility of making sure your loved ones will be provided for financially, no matter what life may bring.Read more

Can Pregnant Women Get Life Insurance?

Life insurance is commonly purchased to financially provide for children in the event of a parent's unexpected passing. Pregnancy, therefore, is a natural time to purchase policies.Read more

What New Parents Need to Know About Life Insurance

As a new parent, you want to provide your child with everything they could ever need. Life Insurance is the ultimate safety net and it's essential that you have the right policy to make sure that your child will be taken care of, no matter what. Read more

What You Need to Know About Your Life Insurance Medical Exam

Life insurance companies commonly require policy applicants to complete a medical exam shortly after they apply for coverage. This is a simple and basic exam, and it's generally not something to stress over too much. You will, however, want to know what to expect in this exam.Read more

5 Steps to a More Financially Secure Future

Achieving financial security doesn't happen overnight, but you can take steps to protect your family today and make plans to provide for them in the future. Here are five important tips to help you along your way.Read more

Is Work Life Insurance Enough?

Many companies offer life insurance policies to employees as a benefit for working there. These are always welcome, and, especially if they're a free option, tend to be worth obtaining. However, most of these life insurance policies offer limited benefits. Don't think of them as a solution to your life insurance needs, but rather an added benefit.Read more

Sproutt Selected for Google's Startup Growth Lab

We're excited to be one of eight startups that were selected to participate in Google's Startup Growth Lab in Tel Aviv. This program includes multiple hands-on workshops with industry experts to learn more about the latest tools and technologies. The courses' topics include Go-To-Market Strategy, Measurement, UX/UI, Google Ads and YouTube.Read more

What Kind of Life Insurance Should You Buy?

The most basic feature of a life insurance policy is the death benefit: the lump-sum payment your beneficiaries would receive if you were to die. It's the core reason to own life insurance—but not the only one. Some types of life insurance offer riders or other features that can play an important role in your financial strategy, such as the ability to accumulate cash value that grows over time.Read more

What Freelancers Need to Know About Life Insurance

While freelancing offers a great deal of freedom, it also comes with responsibility for all benefits. Freelancers may be tempted to skip the expense of life insurance. However, there are several things to consider before passing it up.Read more

Top Questions About Life Insurance Coverage

Investing in life insurance may be one of the best decisions you make for your family. Life insurance pays your named beneficiary a specific sum of money at the time of your death (if the policy is active). Your loved ones can use those funds for anything they may need and can maintain their lifestyle if you're not there to support them.Read more

Why Do I Need Life Insurance?

Life insurance is widely used to reduce potential financial burdens that loved ones could face if the policyholder were to pass away. Assuming you have people that you love, life insurance is a very important financial product and should be seriously considered.Read more

What's the Difference Between Term and Whole Life Insurance?

Although life insurance policies come with many coverage duration and limit options, the most fundamental choice individuals make when purchasing a policy is whether to get term life insurance or permanent life insurance.Read more

What Impacts Your Life Insurance Cost?

When you purchase life insurance, you'll be required to pay premiums. The exact amount charged for life insurance will vary considerably based on several different factors. Some of the factors that may affect the price of your life insurance include:Read more

Tips for First-Time Mortgage Takers

Buying your first home may easily be the biggest purchase of your life thus far. Remember how complex and confusing it was when you bought your first car? That's nothing compared to the level of preparation that comes with buying a house.Read more

Should You Get a Higher Coverage or a Longer Term?

When purchasing term life insurance, there are two main decisions to make. How much coverage do you want, and how long do you want the policy to last? While your choice in each of these matters may impact your policy's premiums, it could be wiser to focus on your particular situation than premiums when making these decisions.Read more

When Is the Best Time to Buy Life Insurance?

The right life insurance policy may provide you and your family with protection in the event of your death. If you die, this policy can ensure that your loved ones have some or all of the funds they need to cover your final bills, pay your debts and/or cover specific expenses, such as education costs for children.Read more

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