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Agent FAQs

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Is there a cost for the platform?No, get contracted with Sproutt and begin using your portal to place business.There are never any fees or charges.
What kinds of products do you offer?Through the Sproutt portal we offer term and whole life products from some of the top carriers in the industry.
How does the appointment process work?To get appointed with Sproutt, just complete the contracting form through the link we will send you.  
Do your products offer any kind of riders?Yes, within our line up of products you will find several products with riders either included or available to be added at time of application. Depending on the base product applied for you can choose living benefit riders as well as additional term riders.
Are you a carrier?No, Sproutt is not an insurance carrier. We have partnered with top carriers to bring you their product through our simple and industry leading platform.
What carriers do you work with?Through our agent portal we currently offer products from Banner Life (Legal & General), TruStage, and SBLI.
What if I have a case that doesn’t fit with those products?We also offer the SmartLife PRO program where we can offer agents contracts with a list of other carriers. We can contract you directly with the carriers under Sproutt, much like any life insurance marketing organization can do. This gives agents access to most of the product types available in the market.
I’m already appointed with SBLI, TruStage and/or Banner, can I still sell them through Sproutt?Yes you can. Selling their products through our agent portal will not interfere with any other contracting you may already have in place.
Will you market to my clients?No we will not. At Sproutt we believe that your clients are your clients.  We are here to help you and your clients through the process but we never “upsell” or market to them.
How often do you pay commissions?The commission payment schedule depends on when the carrier pays the commission. We follow their schedule. With some carriers it’s weekly, with others it’s monthly.   
I run an agency, can I have my agents contract under me? Absolutely. We have a flexible hierarchy structure so we can allow for different agent/agency arrangements.
Will you offer leads?We do not offer or supply leads directly. We can help you find lead sources that fit your business. We also provide you tools to help you create your own leads through email campaigns and social media.
Do you offer training?Yes we do. We have internal support that agents can reach out to for specific questions that come up. We also have regularly scheduled webinar trainings that our agents can attend. We cover product training and training on our platform.
Do you require recruiting?There is no recruiting required with Sproutt. We let you run your business as you see fit.