About Sproutt

We are a new kind of life insurance company. One that celebrates life, or to be more precise, celebrates quality life. We believe that life is a gift and as much as we want to squeeze adventure from every second, we want there to be as many seconds / minutes / hours / days / years and that they will be quality ones.

Why is this so important to us? Well it’s simple, the better quality of life you lead, the longer you will live and the better the life insurance we can offer you.

Everyone’s a winner; Lower rates, longer lives, better business! That’s why we created Sproutt, a life insurance company that loves life and rewards those who love theirs too.

We developed the GAIA (Guided Artificial Intelligence Assessment) platform to power the Quality of Life Index, that assesses your lifestyle and provides personalized recommendations to help you lead a healthy lifestyle. At the core of our methodology, that is based on cutting edge medical research, are these five pillars:






Our goal isn’t just to assess and provide personalized recommendation. It is also our mission to inspire people to live a better life through these pillars and reward our customers with the best life insurance products at the best rates. Learn about life insurance.

Management team

The data dynamics of the $130 billion US life insurance market are fascinating – people share data with insurers and pay premiums based on this data, and yet there are huge inefficiencies when it comes to using this data for accurate pricing and product offering. When taking into account all the data that people can easily share today, and specifically data that captures people’s positive lifestyle choices, the opportunity to create a personalized, accurate, and predictive insurance product that supports better life, is what got us excited.

This is why, as entrepreneurs with a proven track record in data and cognitive computing, we, the online life insurance team, launched Sproutt – to harness our unique capabilities to address this massive market need and opportunity.

Backed by State of Mind Ventures, Moneta VC, FinTLV, Guardian Life, and MS&AD Ventures Sproutt’s business operations are based in New York with an R&D center in Tel Aviv. Here are some of Sproutt’s online life insurance team members.

Yoav Shaham

CEO & Co Founder

Assaf Henkin

Co Founder, President & COO

Adi Elimelech

Vice President of Research & Development

Michael Schwed

Vice President of Sales & Customer Success

Itai Brickner

CTO & Co Founder